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The Re-Fresher:

This facial works for every client by utilizing custom blended treatments to address your specific skin challenges, whether it be dehydration, redness, sensitivity, aging or excess oil. This service includes a skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, mask and protective moisturizer.

*60 minutes. Includes arm/hand and neck/shoulder massage. $80.00

Deluxe Renewal:

This is the same as the Re-Fresher facial, with all massage time increased along with the addition of a foot and calf massage. 

*90 minutes $110.00

Acne Attack:

Acne won't stand a chance against this facial which includes a peel and a mask aimed to deeply exfoliate the skin and control oil production while addressing the sensitive nature of acneic skin.   Extractions will clear the pores of oil and dead skin buildup helping to prevent future breakouts.

60 minutes. Includes arm/hand and neck/shoulder massage. $95.00

The Mini:

Perfect for first-timers and teens, this offers all the goodness of the Re-Fresher without the extractions.

30 minutes. Includes a neck/shoulder massage. $50.00

The Man-cial:

A facial geared for the guys, targeting sensitive shaved skin, deep cleansing and hydration.

60 minutes. Includes arm/hand and neck/shoulder massage. $80.00

Back Facial:

The Re-Fresher for the back to help fight back acne and dry skin build up.

60 minutes. Includes about 20 minutes of back massage in the treatment. $90.00

90 minutes. All massage times are increased. Includes a foot and calf massage. $120.00

Exfoliation Boosts:

Add any one of these to increase exfoliation during your treatment. $15.00

*Glycolic Acid 20%- Naturally derived from sugar cane, this powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acid enables products to penetrate deeper and more quickly into the skin. Consistent use of this Glycolic Acid will reduce the appearance of aging lines, scarring, acne and discoloration of the skin. It also aids in fading sun damage.

*Extra-Strength Enzyme Therapy™-The pineapple and papaya enzymes found in this exfoliating mask gently remove the outermost layer of skin leaving your face softer and brighter. Helps combat congested skin, dark spots, fine lines and discoloration.

*Lactic Acid Green Tea Peel-Perfect for dry or hyperpigmented skin, this peel aggressively exfoliates, targeting sun damage and melasma, while the green tea and sea kelp keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

Series Packages

Buy a series of 4 services, receive 15% off the total.

Buy a series of 6 services, receive 20% off the total.

Brow and Lash Tinting

An all-natural vegetable dye will add noticeable color so your brows and lashes stand out.  Available in brown, auburn, black and blue-black.

Brows $15.00

Lashes $20.00