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Bikini Waxing

Waxing and Manscaping

At Beesa Skincare Studio, all waxing services are performed using gentle, easy to remove European wax. With the use of both a creamy wax and a hard wax (stripless wax), we are able to comfortably remove wax from all areas of the body. A soothing calendula gel is applied afterwards to calm the skin and diminish redness. A clean, private, professional setting allows for a comfortable experience for both men and women.

Brow Wax $12.00

Brow Tweeze $20.00

Lip or Chin $10.00

Lip & Brow $18.00

Sides of Face $10.00

Bikini Wax $30.00

French Bikini $40.00

Brazillian(Females only) $50.00+

Underarms $20.00

Arm $30.00

Half Leg $35.00

Full Leg $55.00

Full Leg & Bikini $75.00

Stomach $15.00

Back or Chest $40.00+

Ears or nose $10.00

*Hair needs to be 1/4" long for best results.

*All waxing prices are subject to change


An all-natural vegetable dye will add noticeable color so your brows and lashes stand out.  Available in brown, auburn, black and blue-black.

Brows $15.00

Lashes $20.00

Series Packages

Buy a series of 4 services, receive 15% off the total.

Buy a series of 6 services, receive 20% off the total.