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Now offering Novalash eyelash extensions!

Get beautiful lashes in hours! Our certified Novalash extensionist will apply one artificial lash to one of your existing lashes, enhancing the length and thickness of your natural lashes, to create a beautiful set of long-lasting lashes that look curled and as if you are wearing mascara.   With proper aftercare, your lashes will look long and lush for weeks to come.  

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Benefits of lash extensions:

  • lengthens and thickens lashes
  • they are waterproof (excellent for swimmers and athletes)
  • they are pre-curled (you choose how dramatic of a look you would like)
  • they look natural
  • save time with your makeup routine
  • no damage to your natural lashes

Caring for your lashes

With proper care, your lashes will last for weeks to come and will shed with your natural lash growth cycle. Here are some tips and rules for successful lashes:

  • Keep your lashes dry for 12 hours 
  • No swimming, sauna or hot yoga for 24 hours-Take a bath after 12 hours, a shower after 24 hours
  • wash and brush your lashes each evening
  • do not use products on your lashes that contain glycols or carbonates
  • use a pure oil such as jojoba oil or grapeseed oil to remove your eye makeup and condition your lashes

About Novalash

At Beesa we want to offer you the highest quality products and procedures, which is why we chose Novalash as our eyelash educator and distributor. Novalash changed the world of beauty by creating a safe, long lasting medical grade adhesive that is not only physician tested but AEWCA approved. We chose to use the NovaMINX lashes because they are lighter and more flexible than other synthetic lashes, yet will still provide you with a luxurious set of completed lashes. For more information on Novalash products and procedures, visit their website www.novalash.com